PWR plates

production of mining tools

The product is made as bimetal wear-resistant plates consisting of the base and wear-resistant and erosion-resistant layer. The base is produced of welding (low-carbon, corrosion-resistant or heat-resistant) steel. The wear-resistant layer is applied through plasma transferred arc welding.

Tungsten carbides contained in the built-up layer present an optimal solution for combined protection against abrasive and erosive wear. The plasma transferred arc welding process currently presents one of the most advanced coating application technologies. The built-up layer is characterized with minimal interfusion with the base metal (5% to 8%). PWR plates may be welded, screwed and otherwise retained.

Industrial solutions

  •   mines and quarries (open-pit mines);
  •   sand and gravel pits;
  •   timber processing plants;
  •   metallurgical plants;
  •   cement plants and brick yards;
  •   cast houses.

Chemical composition:

NiCrBSi + tungsten carbides

Matrix hardness:

54 HRC

Carbides hardness:

> 1700 HV0,03

Carbides content:


PWR плита

We offer a great variety of ready-made solutions with application of PWR plates for every sphere of heavy engineering.

PWR плита - Conveyor screw

Conveyor screw

PWR плита - Conveyor screw

Conveyor screw

PWR плита - Chain conveyor

Chain conveyor

PWR плита - Excavator bucket

Excavator bucket